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Kévin Fourneret 

Speed Team Athlete

Name:  Kévin Fourneret 
Nationality: French
Date of birth: 20/08/2004
Lives: Dijon, France
Trains: Dijon, France

Languages spoken: French, Spanish, English.

Started skating: 2011
Club: AMSports Dijon.
Favorite distances and/or races: Points race and marathons

Typical week of training/training routine:
Eight inline trainings and two gym trainings

Skating career/most remarkable results:
2022: Six-time French champion, European champion at the road points races, sixth place at Berlin marathon, third place at the track points/elimination race of the World championship, third place at the track elimination race of the World championship and third place at the relay of the World championship.
2021: Two-time French champion, European champion at the track elimination race, second place at the World championship track relay.

Best memories in speed skating:
my best memories are about the welcoming atmosphere at the tracks and the new cultures I discovered during competitions abroad. I was particularly impressed when I went to Colombia, with the crazy atmosphere which really gave us the drive to excel, a real motivation that I will never see elsewhere.

Worst memories in speed skating:
My worst memory was when I was hurt.  My season stopped suddenly, and I couldn’t do the sport I love; it was difficult to accept.

Other sports:
I also like cycling and swimming.