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Sven Boekhorst

Rollerblade® Marketing Coordinator / Athlete-Street

Name: Sven Boekhorst
Date of birth:  June 19, 1980
Current Location: Den Bosch
Skating Since: 1994
Current Skate Setup: Blank SK

Explain the feeling you had the first time you put on skates.
The feeling of floating on asphalt. As I was watching a lot of ice speed skating on Dutch television I was trying to copy that on the streets in my neighborhood.
Later we found out you were also able to make jumps and grinds with inline skates and we started to build our own little jump ramps and/or grindbars.  The whole process of creating something new and pushing your own limits felt so good – still after 25 years.

What is your inspiration to keep skating?
Still be able to push my own limits and stay fit.

We truly believe skating makes a better world. How do you think skating makes the world a better place?
It's makes it a better place because you are able to stay in shape while doing something you really like.  For me personally, it’s to meet different people from all over the world with the same passion.

How do you keep progressing and reinventing yourself?
Have fun while I’m skating and it will come by it self, or not.

What’s the most helpful tip you want to share with any skater?
You need to practice a lot. Every now and then, push your limits to try new stuff to find out that this new trick was not difficult but only a bit scary. Of course never push it too hard, as you need your body for the rest of your life.

Imagine a world filled with animals who can skate. If you could be any of those animals what would you be and why?
Cat. I guess because I heard a lot of time people say how I manage to land on my feet while almost slamming hard.