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Rollerblade SG7 BEARINGS


06091200000 | Sizes: 16pk | Colors: SILVER

$ 29.99

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SG7 Rollerblade Bearings combine a high level of precision with a mixture of silicone and grease to protect the bearings from impure elements such as dust and grit picked up while inline skating and allow the wheels to spin faster while keeping them well lubricated. These inline skate bearings will roll faster and last longer. The SG7 skate bearings are perfect for any level of skater from beginner to advanced intermediate and will make your skates roll like a new pair. The higher the SG number the higher the level of precision, tolerance and speed. Includes 16 bearings.
• GREAT PERFORMANCE AND DURABILITY from the 7-ball bearing design.
• LESS FRICTION AND INCREASED SPEED are two of the main benefits from the silicone/grease mixture for smoother, faster rolls.
• METAL SHIELDS PREVENT CONTAMINATES from entering the bearings for consistent performance and spin.