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The Lux Plus 3 Pack is a high quality set of protective gear designed for all levels of skaters who want more protection and breathability. Skating surfaces can be unpredictable depending on where one is skating and even better skaters can feel safer and a little more confident when using Lux Plus gear. It is designed for the experienced skater in mind to be sleek, slim fitting and full of great features to make skating more enjoyable and safer. Beginners also like them because of the features and extra security and breathabilty they offer. Ideal for any type of training or casual skate session, the pads are right/left anatomically designed and the protective caps are also shaped to comfortably protect the body with a slim fit. Anti-abrasion materials and shock absorbing inserts add durability and protection to the pads while the Coolmax fabric keeps skaters cool on hotter skate days or when they are pushing themselves a little harder. High quality construction, fit and protection make this a great upgrade from the entry level pads for all skaters. The 3 pack includes a pair of wristguards, knee pads, and elbow pads.
• HIGH QUALITY, PROTECTION AND COMFORT of the Lux Plus 3 Pack gear keeps skaters protected for all types of skating. From the casual to the intense skating session, the pads will help keep skaters cool.
• ANATOMICALLY SHAPED CAPS are specifically designed for the right and left hands, elbows and knees to improve fit and support.
• COOLMAX IN THE LINING wicks moisture away from the skin to feel cool and dry.
• ANTI-ABRASION & SHOCK ABSORBING GEL INSERTS provide additional protection in the event of impact.
• EASY STRAP CLOSURE SYSTEM keeps the pads securely in place. 3 pack includes a pair of wristguards, knee pads and elbow pads.