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Rollerblade E2 110


E2 110

07060200100 | Sizes: 23.0-31.5 | Colors: BLACK

$ 499.99


3WD Speed, Power Transfer, Responsive

E2 110 elevates performance and captures the true essence of a skate that is made for marathons, half-marathons and distance skate training with speed. The carbon fiber shell maximizes efficiency and balance while the anatomical padding ensures the feet are cradled in comfort with support and cushioning for every stride. E2 skates have a specific cuff profile, tongue construction and last to create the ultimate skating experience for those ready to upgrade to a low cuff or race skate but do not want to spend the time or money to break in a skate or heat mold a boot. 3WD frames, Supreme wheels and Twincam bearings deliver speed and stability. The Removable Cuff System (RCS) allows skaters to change the skate from a medium height cuff with extra support to a race style skate. This makes it a more comfortable race skate because the padding is superior, the support much higher and there is no break in time required to wait for the skate to fit perfectly. The E2 110 is upgradable to ride 125mm wheels and does it with the shorter wheel base of the 110mm set up to increase maneuverability. Truly a new way of skating to provide versatility without sacrificing speed or performance. Brake does not work with 125mm wheels.
• PREMIUM SPEED SKATE for the fitness enthusiast and racer looking to train, exercise or simply advance their technique. This uniquely versatile skate can be either a mid profile or a low profile speed skate with full support
• CARBON VENTILATED SHELL with vented soles is actually 2 skates in 1 with the removable cuff. It maximizes power transfer with its slightly higher shell profile and design.
• ANATOMICAL PADDED PREMIUM LINER cushions feet and two micro-adjustable buckles & speed lacing system ensure feet and heels are securely locked. With the cuff removed, fit and comfort is extraordinary.
• 3WD EXTRUDED ALUMINUM FRAME 295mm/11.6" is engineered to support the 3x110mm wheels (can upgrade to 125mm) while increasing speed and maneuverability. It is also laterally adjustable to optimize balance for various stances and weight distribution..
• ROLLERBLADE SUPREME 110mm/85A WHEELS maximize roll, grip, speed and wear. A true upgrade in performance from entry level models. Twincam ILQ-7 Plus bearings are fast, superior and facilitate additional speed.

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Supreme 110mm/85A


E2, carbon fiber, removable cuff, vented sole, microfiber upper


Precision High Performance


Extruded Alu 3x110, 295mm/11.6", racing axles, laterally adjustable (fits 125mm)


In the box (does not work with 125mm set up)


Micro adj cuff and 45° buckles, laces


Twincam ILQ-7 Plus