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Join the Ultimate Skate Experience at Skate Camp Barcelona!

Summertime skating has kicked off in Barcelona – now is your chance to learn from the best! Sofi Carreras, a Rollerblade® ambassador and key figure in the skating world, is helping to lead Skate Camp Barcelona, a weeklong session in Barcelona on July 31, 2024 – August 4, 2024.  Read on to discover why this camp in one of Europe's liveliest cities is perfect for skaters of all levels!


How did you first get into skating, and how has your journey evolved over the years?

I started skating when I was little, but I didn't take it seriously until I came to Spain. One day I was in the right place at the right time and since then, skating has been a constant in my life. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to travel around the world, represent Rollerblade®, teach skating, and have my own skate shops in Mexico. This path has allowed me not only to improve my technical skills, but also to learn about the management and promotion of skating as a sport and lifestyle. My evolution has been a mix of personal and professional growth, always with skating as the central axis.


How has your experience with Rollerblade® influenced your approach to organizing this camp?

Well, I have experience from different points of view, both as a skater, as a skating teacher, as well as skate school organizer to owning a skate shop. I have a global vision in all these aspects, and it can certainly provide an interesting perspective for organizing the camp. Added to this is the fact that I know Barcelona, the skating community, shops – it makes sense!


What inspired you to organize the skate camp in Barcelona?

Barcelona is undoubtedly the perfect setting for a skate camp, chosen for its incredible weather, skate-friendly urban landscapes, rich history, beaches, and iconic cuisine like paella. Organizing this camp is more than just promoting skating as a sport—it's about embracing it as a lifestyle. With years of experience as a Rollerblade® ambassador and running my own skating-related businesses, my goal is to inspire others to choose skating through engaging activities and community involvement. We're dedicated to making this camp an unforgettable experience, supported by a team of top-notch coaches. Our collective effort aims to nurture a love for skating and cultivate a vibrant skating community.


What unique experiences can participants expect from this year's skate camp?

This year, participants can expect an enriching and diverse experience. We will feature classes taught by some of the best skaters in the world, specialized workshops, and hands-on sessions in different urban settings around Barcelona. In addition, there will be recreational and social activities to foster community among participants. The opportunity to learn directly from your idols, along with exploring the beautiful city of Barcelona, will make this camp unforgettable. We want each participant to not only improve their skills, but also take away lasting memories and friendships.


Can you share some details about the training sessions and workshops planned for the camp?

The event is divided into two sections. One is the Skate Camp, which takes place on July 31, August 1-2, where you can participate in workshops and social activities. The Inline Certification Program (ICP) takes place on the August 2 - 4. It's a training program that certifies inline skating instructors. There are two levels offered, Level 1 and Level 2. To take Level 2, you must have completed Level 1. You can choose to participate only in the Camp, only in the ICP certification, or in both! We have a schedule full of activities, from morning yoga, aggressive, urban, speed, slalom, figure skating workshops, etc. etc., to night skates around the city!


What are some of the highlights of Barcelona that make it an ideal location for a skate camp?

Barcelona is a city full of life and culture, with an ideal infrastructure for skating. Its wide promenades, parks and urban spaces offer a perfect setting for skating. In addition, the city has a pleasant climate during the summer, allowing you to fully enjoy outdoor activities. Barcelona's rich history and architecture also offer an inspiring environment for skaters, making each tour a unique experience. The energy of the city and its people will make every moment of the camp special.


What are your goals for this skate camp, both for the participants and for the skating community?

My goals for this skate camp are to provide participants with an educational and fun experience that will improve their skating skills and promote a healthy lifestyle. For the skating community, I hope this camp will strengthen ties between skaters from different places, encourage the exchange of knowledge and experiences, and contribute to the visibility and growth of skating as a sport. We want to inspire a new generation of skaters and show that skating is more than a sport: it is a way of life.


Are there any special guests or instructors joining the camp that participants should be excited about?

Yes, we will have several internationally renowned skaters in attendance who will share their knowledge and experience with the participants. These special guests will not only teach classes and workshops but will also be available to interact and skate with attendees.

This includes: 

  • Kris Fondran, Camp Organizer and Lead Instructor: Figure Skating
  • Javi Garrido: Aggressive
  • Si Coburn: Urban 
  • Patxi Peula: Speed 
  • Danny Aldridge: Urban
  • Anna Royo: Figure Skating

These guests will bring a level of expertise and excitement that will make the camp a truly unique experience.


What would you like to share with skaters who are considering attending the camp?

If you love skating and want to improve your skills while having fun and meeting other passionate skaters, Skate Camp Barcelona is the place for you. It's a unique opportunity to learn from the best, explore one of the most vibrant cities in the world, and become part of a global community of skaters. No matter your skill level, everyone is welcome and will find something valuable in this camp. We're waiting for you with open arms to share this unforgettable experience. See you in Barcelona! 

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