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2018 A-Town Stomp

The A-Town Stomp is an annual celebration of street skating. Atlanta has a long history of street skating starting in the early 90’s.  With the passing of time the younger generations have kept the stoke for street skating strong in ATL. Brian and Carson Starnes are part of the 3rd generation of street skaters in ATL. Brian and Carson love to party and skate, so years ago they decided to host an event that embodies these two qualities.  Year after year they pull together a rad event and the stoke is high!  The contest usually has 3 to 4 that include gnarly handrails, ledges, etc. The final spot is always a crazy structure made from stuff found in the junkyard. This year they had a boat modified into a crazy grind box with banks.  The final spot was held at Arches Brewery and skaters and non-skaters alike enjoyed an insane display of skating on the boat. It was a hot and sunny day in ATL and the skating and partying blazed long into the night.  If you are looking for a killer skating event full of crazy party time and top notch street skating, don’t miss next year! 

For a full-blown recap of the event and a professional edit check out: