To learn more about our warranty policy / process, check out About Us.

You can purchase basic parts such as brake pads and wheels from most of our dealers. Our online shop dealers usually have a larger selection of parts. On the rollerblade.com accessories store you will find our entire selection of parts and accessories.

If your skates are in need of repair check out our maintenance videos first and see if you can fix your skates yourself. Rollerblade® inline skates are basic machines and can usually be fixed easily. If you find an issue is beyond your mechanic ability we would be glad to fix your skates here at our office in NH. Email Will Meyer in our Quatlity Control Department [email protected] or give us a call at 1-800-232-7655 and ask for the Quality Control department. If you feel like your skates are in need of a repair that might be a safety issue, please contact us directly at 1-800-232-7655.

The life expectancy of your skates is determined on many different factors such as; How often you skate? What type of skating you do?  What type of road surface you skate on?, etc. If you notice excessive wear or your skates are not working properly even after a repair, then it is time to replace them. The condition of your plastic boots is also affected by many different factors such as heat, humidity and use. Be sure to perform a before skate inspection each time you go skate. If you are not sure about the condition of your skates feel free to contact us at 1-800-232-7655 for additional input.

Please contact our marketing manager Tom Hyser [email protected] for sponsorship or donation request.

Check out this article on how to choose the right skate.

Your skate size is the same as your shoe size. Choose the same size skate as your favorite athletic shoe brand. Check out this video on determining the proper fit.

Our skate widths are standard. You can assume they are the same width as your favorite athletic shoes. We do not offer narrow or wide width specific skates.

A brake can be moved to the left skate. If your skate came with the brake it is mounted on the right foot. You could technically have a brake on both skates but stopping with both brakes at the same time is very difficult and not recommended. You would need to buy a second brake housing and brake pad for your skate to do this. For information on brake pad replacement check out this video .

Please check out the protective gear size chart

The weight limit for Rollerblade® skates is 220 lbs / 100 KG.






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