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Allen Clark


Name:  Allen Clark
Age: 31
Current Location:  Oregon
Skating Since: Vietnam
Current Skate Setup:  NJPro

What are your three proudest moments from 2017? Why?
1. Obtaining a position as a special education assistant. Working with kids and people with disabilities has been a goal of mine for years.
2. Co- hosting a successful second annual Donate and Skate event in Oregon. Especially because of the turn out and support of other local Oregon bladers. 
3. Teaching my daughter to ride her very own bicycle. Because I am a proud father. 

Three highlights from team RB in 2017?
1. Sean Keanes four days in Seattle section. 
2. Cameron Talbott's BARS section. 
3. Nicholas Swans Metroblade section. 

Knowing what I know now, three things I would've done differently in 2017?
1. Saved more
2. Traveled more
3.Stretched more

What are you most looking forward too in 2018?
1. Donate and Skate 2018 Portland.
2.My daughters fifth birthday.
3. Obtaining my skate instructors certification.  

Top three locations to visit in 2018?
1. San Francisco 
2. Seattle
3. Florida

Three ways I prioritize health and fitness in my life are. 
1. Skating 
2. Stretching 
3. Lots of fruits and veggies

Three personal goals to achieve in 2018?
1. Co-host another successful Donate and Skate event. 
2. Obtain my passport.
3. Obtain my skate instructor certification. 
4. Travel more

What are the next three event I plan to attend?
1. Donate and Skate 2018 Portland. 
2. Northwest Shred Tour 2018. 
3. CORT 2018?

Mantra or hashtag for 2017? #goplay #gorollerblade.