Anna Zuver

Speed Ambassador

Name: Anna Zuver
Date of birth: September 15, 1994
Current Location: Atlanta, GA
Skating Since: 2016 (plus a stint in 2008-2010)
Current Skate Setup: Endurace Elite with Hydrogen Pro 110s for distance & speed, Twister Edge W with 3x110 3WD Urban Frame for the city


Explain the feeling you had the first time you put on skates. 
Freedom! I can't remember the very first time my parents put skates on my feet, but I can remember going down my first big hill when I was 13, and the amazing sense of freedom and thrill I experienced. Freedom, because it felt like just me and the road, and thrill because my short-frame, 4x80, soft boot rec skates meant a half-mile of mad speed wobbles.


What is your inspiration to keep skating?
The people and the constant challenge keep me going. My skating friends are some of the closest, life-long friends that I have. On skates, there is always someone better than you, always a new style or a new trick to learn, and lots of amazingly generous people who are excited to share. It's the best community.


We truly believe skating makes a better world. How do you think skating makes the world a better place?
Skating brings people together like nothing else. In our local skate club, we have a huge variety of people from all walks of life, but somehow, skating together gives us this immediate deep connection. Seems like the same thing happens with any skater you meet, anywhere. Skating also brings a total sense of joy to the people who do it - something I think that everyone in the world can use. 


How do you keep progressing and reinventing yourself?
I am constantly assessing myself and looking for small things that I can work on to make myself the best that I can be, mentally and physically. A huge aspect of that is understanding that progress takes time and change doesn't happen overnight.


What’s the most helpful tip you want to share with any skater?
Just keep skating, keep skating consistently, and - if you want to get better or faster - really pay attention and listen to people who know about good technique. There is no better feeling than feeling totally comfortable on your skates, and getting to forget about the basics.


Imagine a world filled with animals who can skate. If you could be any of those animals what would you be and why?
I would be a baby giraffe on my off-days, because that's how I always describe myself, when I'm feeling a little off and wobbly on my skates! Otherwise, Google states that the American Pygmy Shrew is the hungriest animal on the planet, so that would probably be me on every other day. 







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