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Cameron Talbott

Street Athlete

Name:  Cameron Talbott
Age:  31

Current Location:  San Francisco, CA
Skating Since:  1998
Current Skate Setup:  RB solos

What are your three proudest moments from 2017? Why?
1. Finding a new place with a backyard bowl
2. Finishing BARS
3. Landing a new courier gig

Highlights from Team Rollerblade® in 2017:
1. Winterclash
2. Paris
3. Atlanta with the whole crew

Knowing what you know now, what three things you would have done differently in 2017?
1. thicker wet suit
2. wider handle bars
3. flat rocker

What are you most looking forward in 2018?
1. RB trips
2. Colorado road trip
3. more jsf bbq’s

What are the top three locations you plan to visit in 2018?
1. New York
2. Montana
3. Southeast Asia

Give us three ways you prioritize health and fitness in your life.
1. Health is my wealth
2. Healthy mind
3. Healthy body

What are your top three personal goals to achieve this year?
1. Surf more!!
2. Finish a part for Taylor Couburn
3. Host a blade event here in SF

What are the next three upcoming events will you attend?
1. JSF bbq
3. Colorado Road Trip

What is your mantra or key hashtag for 2018?
“ what a day for Dan”

Events for 2018:
1. Atown Stomp
2. Boschi Pope Invitational
3. Blade Cup
6. Shasta Gnar