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Greg Mirzoyan

Freeride Athlete & Photographer / Filmmaker

Greg is another of multi-talented skaters riding for Rollerblade®. Besides skating like a boss he captures and showcases skating like no one else. Greg is responsible for the great quality content we broadcast on the Rollerblade® media channels. Last year, the 34 year old Parisian skater, Greg travelled the world to promote his signature Metroblade GM skate for the GMDiaries. The series of videos can be found on our YouTube channel: AuthenticRollerblade.

Places to skate
- Paris
- Barcelona

Music tracks:
- Bonobo, Kerala
- Kiiara, Gold
- Dead prez, hip hop

Rollerblade® Skates:
- Rollerblade® Metroblade
- Rollerblade® Twister
- Rollerblade® Solo

Inspiring Athletes:
- Usain Bolt
- David Belle
- Franky Morales

Best Memories in Skating:
- The GmDiaries Tour 2016
- My first grind on skates
- Touring around California with Ben

Maintaining Good Health:
- Skate often
- Eat well
- Sleep well

Spare Time:
- Meet friend for a skate session or food
- Take photos and fill in travel pads
- Making a to-do list and crossing stuff of the list

This Year I’m Looking Forward To:
- A secret project, pretty massive!
- Create the best possible content together with Rollerblade®
- Summer

Shout Outs:
-My friends Sophie and Jérémy. They are travelling from Alaska to Ushaïa on a bike in June (
-The 912 Crew.
-Ben Brillante for training like a real warrior.