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Guillaume de Mallevoue

Speed Team Athlete

Rollerblade Speed Team 2017 - Guillaume de Mallevoue

“I am really happy to be part of the rebirth of the team!”


Surname: Guillaume

Living city and country: Talence, France

Date of birth: 26/09/1992

Nationality: French

Weight: 75 KG

Height: 178 CM

Speed skater since: 1997

Club: 2APN 77 AVON

Best place to train: Bordeaux, France

Main results
Winner of the WIC of Dijon in 2014
Winner of the P2P Marathon (Pamplona) in 2016, 2015 and 2014
French champion of the Marathon in 2016
Winner of the CFMR (French Cup) in 2015
Winner of the 24H of Le Mans in 2015


What does it mean for you to join the Rollerblade® Speed Team?

That means a lot, like old memories with Arnaud Gicquel for example. I am really happy to be part of the “rebirth” of Rollerblade® Speed Team.

What are your main goals for this coming season?
I want to do my best and to win some marathons.

What are your strong and weak points?
My strong point is maybe my will to give all I have for races or for my teammates. I have to work my placement during the sprints.

What do you know about your teammates?
Quentin is really strong, he is nice and with a lot of will. Yann has a really big experience and he is fast.