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Jeremy Suarez

Athlete- Street

Name: Suarez Jimenez Jeremy
Age: 30
Current Location: Bochum, Germany
Skating Since: 1994
Current Skate Setup: NJPro green/ white

What are your three proudest moments from 2017?
1: When I signed the contract for the Starlight Express show in Bochum (Germany). It is the biggest show in Europe. I will be one of the people representing skating!
2: Being part of the 80mm Rollerblade® projects. I really love it
3: Being able to visit all the countries where I have never been before, such as Latvia, Estonia, Hungary, Iceland, Iran….just to name a few

Highlights from Team Rollerblade® in 2017:
1: 80mm rollerblade project
2: Italian Rollerblade® summer tour
3: Iceland trip

Knowing what you know now, what three things you would have done differently in 2017?
1: Never push to hard ins warm ups for a  competition. It can hurt u really bad (FISE Montpellier)
2: Be on time to the airport, so I wouldn’t miss my flight to Iran.

What are you most looking forward in 2018?
1: Spend less...Earn more
2: Have an amazing time during the shows in Bochum
3: Keep rolling as good as we can

What are the top three locations you plan to visit in 2018?
1/2/3: I am not really going to travel as much as in 2017. I will be a bit to busy. But I really hope to go to the South America for a tour!

Give us three ways you prioritize health and fitness in your life.
1: Skate more often
2: Eat less meat
3: Drink fewer beverages

What are you top three personal goals to achieve this year?
1: Get back fit as I was couples of year ago. I’m 30 now so have to think about it.
2: Going to South America on tour
3: Performing as a trax boy on Starlight Express

What is your mantra or key hashtag for 2018?
Stay humble