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Jeremy Suarez

Athlete- Street

Jeremy is a Rollerblade® powerhouse.  He was born Belgium and now lives in Sint Pieters Leeuw near Brussels. Jeremy is 29 years old and has been skating since he was 7 years old. Being on skates the majority of his life, Jeremy exudes confidence and technique. With his impressive and huge tricks he knows how to get the spotlight on him at any event he attends. His explosive skating style also works well when he is skating urban settings or a 10K on marathon skates.

Places to Skate:
– Planet park (Brussels-Belgium)
– Barcelona
– Everywhere is possible to find the best spot

Music Tracks:
– New Order – Blue Monday
– DJ Suede the Remix god - You name it
– Prince – When Doves Cry

Rollerblade® Skates:
– Rollerblade® Metroblade
– Rollerblade® New jack collection
– Rollerblade® Maxxum 84

Inspiring Athletes:
– Jean-Jean Chanet
– Issame Tolba
– Jon Bergeron

Best Memories in Skating:
– Discovered the world
– Meeting people from everywhere
– Creating my skate family

Maintaining Good Health:
– Wake up early
– Green tea + chicken
– Skate hard as much as possible

Spare Time:
– Travelling
– With friends
– Movies

This Year I’m Looking Forward To:
– Travel more
– Skate more
– Enjoy life more

Shout Outs:
– All the people that I have met during 20 years of skating
– My crew
– My mom and my sister. They always supported me.