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Jorge Botero

Athlete speed

Jorge is one of the most powerful speed skaters ever. Jorge grew up in the country of Colombia where speed skaters often reach heroic status.  Botero is a World Champion and he loves speed skating and staying fit. Today, Jorge spreads his passion for skating in Florida and other parts of the South East region of the USA as an ambassador for Rollerblade®. Jorge also tests Rollerblade® skates and trains speed skaters to reach their goals by honing their technique.

Age: 41

Current Skate Setup:  Rollerblade® Powerblade 125 3WD and Tempest 125 3WD

Birth Place: Colombia, South America

Currently Living In: Orlando, Florida, USA

Places to Skate:
-Orlando Florida Blanchard Trail
-Seminole County Trail
-West Orange County Trail

Music Tracks:
-Kenye West

Rollerblade® Skates:
-Macroblade 100mm
-Tempest 3WD
-Powerblade 3WD

Inspiring Athletes:
-Michael Phelps
-Michael Jordan

Best Memories in Skating:
-Pamplona Spain, 1998 Gold World Championships 20K
-Belgium, 2002 Gold at  World Championships Marathon
-South Korea, 2006, Gold at World Championships

Maintaining Good Health:
-Sleep well
-Eat right
-Train properly

Spare Time:
-Play outdoor games with my son
-walk around town with family
-have dinner with close friends

This Year I Am Looking Forward To:
-get the program skating  in school going in Central Florida
-create a great momentum with Rollerblade challenges and events
-participate at differents inline marathons and been an inspiration for others