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Khalil Al Ghazali

National Ambassador Rollerblade

Khalil Al Ghazali. Rollerblade® ambassador from Abu Dhabi.

The Middle East has an upcoming skate scene. Nowadays it is easy to get in touch with skaters from over the world. In almost every corner of the world you find like-minded people with passion and love for skating and you find content that motivates you. Khalil Al Ghazali is one of them. Khalil lives and skates in The United Arab Emirates, and we had chat with him.

Khalil you are the first ambassador for Rollerblade in the Middle East, congratulations! Can you tell us more about yourself?
Thank you! My name is Khalil Al Ghazali, I live in United Arab Emirates, in Abu Dhabi. I am 23 years old and my favourite hobby is skating.

When I was young, my brother taught me how to skate and I bought skates. I learned the basics, and then I watched videos on YouTube and tried to implement the tips in my skating.

I also entered some competitions with some good results. Since the first moment I came in touch with skates I am skating.


On the Internet we some coverage from the Middle East, how is the skate scene over there in the United Arabic Emirates?
There is quite a big scene and a lot of people skating – not only in UAE, but the whole Gulf Area, although it is not as famous as it is in other countries. I am passionate about spreading the feeling and vibe of skating, get people exposed to skating, as well as practice it myself and develop my skills more and more.

What is the impact of the brand Rollerblade® in the scene?
Rollerblade® is famous in the Gulf Area and there are a lot of people who know the brand , and also a lot of people who prefer Rollerblade® skates over others skates and I am one of them.
I like Rollerblade® skates the most, because it offers the best quality – from wheels, the frames, the liners. The skates are also very light. I feel comfortable with my setup and I can perform my desired trick and moves.

What kind of skating are u into and how are the facilities?
I prefer aggressive inline skating, because it has bigger challenges and it is more difficult then fitness skating. I can also challenge other people; I invite them to skate and session together. In Abu Dhabi we have an indoor skate park in Dalma Mall, otherwise people usually skate on the Corniche Boulevard.



Thanks for your time Khalil and keep on pushing the skating in the Middle East. We hope to see more from you soon!