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Kris Fondran


Kris Fondran is one of the most decorated inline skating instructors on the planet. Kris has taught hundreds of people to skate. Have a look at the Tips for Beginners I and 2 and see why Kris’s passion for inline skating makes you want to skate.

Date of Birth: 1 July

Hometown:  Cleveland, Ohio

Hobbies and other sports:  Practicing yoga, reading.

Favorite Movie:  The Sure Thing

When did you start skating, and how? 
On the ice when I was about 7 years old.  A family friend would pick me up on Saturday afternoons and take me with her to the public session at the local rink where she would have me skate up and down the blue line.


What inspires me to skate? 
Sunshine, music, an unexplored city.


What skates do you use and why?
RB 90 mostly-- because of the skates comfort and versatility.


What kind of skating are you into? 
Fitness, city skates, and when not too many people are looking, freestyle slalom.


What makes skating so special to you? 
Skating is in my heart.   No matter what kind of skates are on my feet; inline, ice hockey, ice figure, etc., I always feel at home.


Best memory from skating, and why?
Skating with friends and family in cities around the world and having the unique opportunity and experience of being a rolling tourist.


Explain what the brand Rolerblade means to you?
More than just selling quality skates, Rollerblade has continuously invested in selling the sport of inline skating.  Through  the tireless development, implemenaation and support of  new technology, events, programs, media, etc. Rollerblade has  showcased the versatilty, depth and wide range appeal of what can actually be done on a pair of skates.


Most anticipated for 2015? 
Continuing my work with the Inline Certification Program (ICP) where I have the unique opportunity to play a part in the development of talented and passionate skating instructors  who, through the practice of safe and effective inline skating instruction, are bringing more people to the sport world-wide.