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Quentin Giraudeau

Speed Team Athlete

Rollerblade® Speed  Team 2017

Quentin Giraudeau  “I never give up!”


Surname: Quentin

Living city and country: Les Sorinières, France

Date of birth: 13/04/96

Nationality: French

Weight: 77kg

Height: 1,83m

Speed skater since: 16 years

Club: Mouilleron Roller Sport

Motto: If one can do it, then you can do it!

Best place(s) to train: road circuit of Les Sorinières, track of La Colinière (Nantes)

Main results

2016 (Senior): injured most part of the season

2015 (Junior)

World championships:

Silver at the 10km points road
Silver at the 20 km elimination road
Silver at the relay road
Bronze on marathon

European championships
Gold at the 1 000m
Gold at the relay
Silver at the 20 000m élimination
Bronze at the 10 000m point/élimination

2014 (Junior)

World championships

Gold at the 10 000m points road
Gold at the 20 000m elimination road
Silver at the 10kmm points track
Bronze at the 1 000m track
Bronze at the relay track

European championships
Gold at the 10 000m points road
Bronze at the relay road


Hello Quentin. What does it mean for you to be a part of the Rollerblade® Speed Team?

It is an honor for me to join the Rollerblade® Speed Team. It is clearly a challenge because Rollerblade® has always had a big team. The biggest skaters competed for Rollerblade®, like for example my trainer Arnaud Gicquel or Jorge Botero, Massimiliano Presti and Alexis Contin. I was dissapointed when the team stopped few years ago. And that is why the rebirth of the team is a real challenge.

What are your main goals for the upcoming season?
I would like to represent the team at my best and take many wins with the Rollerblade® Speed Team uniform. About the national selection, I will give it all to be part of for the European championship and the world championship. My main goal is to win a medal at the world championship. But to take it, I have to go step by step.

What are your strong and weak points?
My weak points to start: I have a bad start and a “slow” sprint, but I am working hard to improve myself. My strong points: I never give up, I am determined and motivated.

What do you know about your teammates?
We will start with the one who has the biggest experience: Yann Guyader. No need to introduce him. He was many times world champion and won the biggest races in the world. I was pleased to train with him many times. He will give a lot of experience to the team. Guillaume de Mallevoue won three times in a row the P2P marathon in Pamplona, Spain: it is for me one of the hardest marathons in the world. He also won the WIC Roller Marathon of Dijon. He is always close to the podium, or on it! Also, he always stays humble and I really appreciate it. We all get along very well together, and this will surely be strength for the team!