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Sven Boekhorst

Rollerblade® Marketing Coordinator / Athlete-Street

Sven Boekhorst is the Flying Dutchman.  Whether he’s across the world for his famous Cityhopper project or in a skate park, he always finds the craziest stunt possible on skates. The 36 year old former World Champion is still on top of his game. This year he starts a new chapter with a theater group, just like in 2005. Sven still lives in s-Hertogenbosch were he was born. If you ever visit this beautiful town in The Netherlands visit the indoor or outdoor skate park and take a glimpse of Sven shredding on his Rollerblade® Solo team skates.

Places to Skate:

- Oosterplas skate park (Den Bosch)
- All the Cityhopper spots
- WSC indoor skate park (Den Bosch)

Music Tracks:
- The Doors, LA woman
- Neil Young
- The Offspring, The Kids Aren’t Alright

Rollerblade® Skates:
- Rollerblade® Solo team skate
- Rollerblade® Twister Pro
- Rollerblade® Metroblade GM

Inspiring Athletes:
- Arlo Eisenberg
- Aaron Feinberg
- Alex Broskow

Best Memories in Skating:
- X-Games gold medal 2000
- Winterclash 2010
- All the Cityhopper spots we’ve skated

Maintaining Good Health:
- Aggressive skating
- Speed skating
- The gym

Spare Time:
- Hanging with friends/family
- Sports
- Travelling

This Year I’m Looking Forward To:
- Skate trips
- The new theater shows ‘Elements of Freestyle’
- Winterclash

Shout Outs:
- Rollerblade!