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Timmy van Rixtel

Athlete- Urban

Timmy is originally from the Netherlands and is 30 years old. He now lives in the South of Holland in the city of Helmond. His current skate setup is a fresh pair of custom Rollerblade® Boxcar UFS modded and Rollerblade® Metroblades with stock frames and Hydrogen wheels. Timmy is known for the smooth tricks when skating the streets and also in the City Explorer and 80mm Episodes.

Places to Skate:
- Eindhoven, the Netherlands
- Amsterdam, the Netherlands
- Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Music Tracks:
- Schoolboy Q ft Kanye West – that part
- Lil Yachty – Broccoli
- Big Sean – Bounce back

Rollerblade® Skates:
- Rollerblade® Chocolate
- Rollerblade® Metroblade
- Rollerblade® Twister

Inspiring Athletes:
- Alex Broskow
- Kelso brothers
- Harry Abel

Best Memories in Skating:
- Capetown 80mm
- Shanghai 80mm
- Dubai City explorer

Maintaining Good Health:
- Good food
- Inline Skating
- The right vegetables

Spare Time:
- Shooting for Instagram
- Instagram
- More Instagram

This Year I’m Looking Forward To:
- New projects with Rollerblade®
- Making my Instagram blow up
- More money

Shout Outs:
- Real friends
- ……..
- ……..

City Explorer: