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Tracy White


Name: Tracy White
Age: 41
Current Location: Rockford Illinois
Skating Since: 1988
Current Skate Setup: Endurace-4x100m Hydrogen wheels, Twincam IL Q-9 bearings

What are your three proudest moments from 2017? Why? 
1: Watching my girls race in Chicagoland Inline “Kids Race” & compete at The 5th Annual Forest City Bladefest
2: Made it in the top 25 (15 overall) in the Minnesota Inline Grand Prix
3: Podium at the Northshore Inline Marathon (2nd place in the 40-44)

Highlights from Team Rollerblade® in 2017.
1: Northshore Inline Marathon
2: Driving the Rollerblade® Demo Van and setting up at the Minnesota Half Marathon in St. Paul, MN
3: Running/organizing the #rollerblade10k Challenge in Hoffman Estates, IL

Knowing what you know now, what three things you would have done differently in 2017?
1: Pushed harder in the last 1/4 mile of NSIM (missed 1st place in my age by 3 seconds) & Apostle Islands Inline Marathon (missed 1st overall in the rec division by .8 seconds)
2: Schedule my contest the 6th Annual Forest City Bladefest in early October not late October!
3: All under 18 year old skaters will skate The 6th Annual Forest City Blade Fest for free, get more kids involved & make it easier for the parents.

What are you most looking forward in 2018?
1: Apostle Islands Inline Marathon
2: Minnesota Inline Grand Prix
3: Northshore Inline Marathon, Duluth, MN

What are the top three locations you plan to visit in 2018?
1: Apostle Islands- Madeline Island, Wisconsin
2: LA All Day, California!
3: Duluth, MN

Give us three ways you prioritize health and fitness in your life.
1: Skate with my dog Turley
2: Play ice or roller-hockey weekly
3: Hydrate

What are you top three personal goals to achieve this year?
1: 1st place overall in the advance/rec division at AIIM, Chicagoland, NSIM marathons
2: Podium in my age at NSIM
3: Have as much fun skating with my girls as possible!!!

What are the next three upcoming events will you attend.
1: Appleton WI Inline Half Marathon
2: Schmidty’s Ramp & Camp, West Lafayette, IN
3: Apostle Islands Inline Marathon

What is your mantra or key hashtag for 2018? #30yearbladechallenge

Events for 2018:
- Appleton WI Inline Half Marathon May 5th
-Schmidty’s Ramp and Camp May 26th
-Apostle Islands Inline Marathon June 17th
- Roseville 10k
-Chicagoland Inline Marathon July
-Minnesota Half Marathon August 4th
-Northshore Inline Marathon September 15th
- The 6th Annual Forest City Blade Fest October