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Vincent Esnault

Speed Team Manager

Rollerblade Speed Team 2017 – Vincent Esnault

Name: Vincent

Surname: Esnault

Nickname: Vince


Date and place of birth: 12 April 1976 in Dinan (France)

Weight: 72kg

Height: 1,76m

Speed skater since: 1982

Club: POL Longjumeau

Motto: success always demands a greater effort

Main results

At an international level

3 times World champion in the Master category (2013, 2014, 2015)
2 times European champion in the Master category (2012, 2013)

In the marathons
Winner of the London Marathon in 2016
5th of the overall ranking of the French Marathon series in 2016
2nd in Saint-Denis Stade de France 60kms in 2016
2nd in Le Havre 60kms in 2016
2nd in Saint-Denis of La Réunion Marathon in 2017


Are you happy to join the Rollerblade® Speed Team in 2017?

Yes of course. It’s been with great pleasure that I’ve joined the Rollerblade® project. I am very pleased and even honored to take part of the rebirth of the team and to live this adventure again. I was part of the “Rollerblade France” team from 2001 to 2006 and I have great memories of that period. I am sure that we are about to have some new awesome memories!

What are your main goals for this coming season?
My main goal as a team manager is to make the athletes feel good in the team and enable them to win as many races as possible. Our skaters are strong, motivated and talented and I am sure that they will succeed. As a skater, my main goal is the Master World championship. I want to prove that it is still possible to perform in the Senior category, too.

What are your strong and your weak points?
I need to work on my top speed. My strongest point is probably my ability to go quite fast for a long while. I try never to give up. A race is never finished and you need to be curious about what will happen next!

What do you know about the athletes?
First, I would say that they all are motivated. It is a kind of mix between a dream and an achievement to take part of this project. Rollerblade is one of the most famous brands in inline skating and the first Rollerblade World Team was one of the strongest ever. This new team is made for victories! With Yann Guyader, we have a solid road captain. I am very confident with Guillaume de Mallevoue, Sebastian Paredes and Quentin Giraudeau: all three are clever and strong skaters. They complement each other so well.