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10K challenge Stockholm

Jeremy Suarez and Sofi Carerras arrived in Stockholm, Sweden for their next 10K Challenge. Sofi warms up on her Marcoblade 90W skates, which are very comfortable and have the new seamless toe. Together with the 5star easy entry form liner and Supreme 90mm 85a wheels these are the perfect skates for Sofi to challenge herself and skate around in Stockholm. Jeremy on the other hand skates the Maxxum 84 skates. The Maxxum 84 has a vented molded shell and specialized 5 star fit liners and footbed. As you can see the shock absorber makes this a skate for Jeremy to skate the 10K, cruise around Stockholm and even perform some jumps and small stunts. He can do everything!

Sofi and Jeremy enjoy this beautiful city prior to the challenge. Enjoying the fine ambience of the capitol of Sweden, skating through the city and bombing a small hill up to 33KM an hour. Jeremy sees some resemblance with his home country Belgium: “ Sweden is like Belgium: Royal “

Although Sofi did not get her luggage on Time, Sven was so gentle to lend her his socks. Different but they would do the trick. Sofi is confident that she would win this 10K challenge. Both have been in the lead, but who will take the win in Sweden? The winning time for this episode 26:50 min…

The day after the 10K the duo took some time to work on their health a bit more, skating a 10K is not enough for these athletes. After the workout and burning some more calories Sofi and Jeremy skate towards the Stockholm Cityspa too relax. But not for long the next 10K challenge will be in the capitol of the United Kingdom: London. Will you join us there?