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Across the world on skates, USA Route 66

Across the world on skates with Yinca Luo, USA Route 66


Yinca is in a league of his own. Covering miles across the world on his skates by himself. He started in China and went over to Europe, from Europe he flew to the United States of America and skated across the famous Route 66 from Chicago to Los Angeles. The whole journey took him almost a year. Here you can find what Yinca had to say about his travels. Check out Yinca’s


The whole journey from China to the USA took about 8 months; the total distance covered on skates is 12.371 KM. During the trip 11 sets of wheels were used, 22 sets of bearings and 2 pairs of skates. Looking back on the trip I made some very nice memories. The best part of it all is the people I have met along the way, they all played a huge roll: Open minded, free, enthusiastic people I will remember for days to come. Harder parts of it are finding nice smooth roads to skate on, In Europe and the USA it is prohibited to skate on a lot of roads, that resulted in quite some difficulties for me. The language barrier didn’t work in my advantage… Luckily the borders weren’t any problem because all the Visas I needed I took care of before hand in China. The route 66 was immense, huge and very bad. There wasn’t a lot of traffic on it so that was a good thing for me. The bike lanes in The Netherlands and Germany are perfect for every skates; I can recommend it to every skater across the world. The rest of the roads in Europe weren’t too safe and good for me. I must say I was most impressed by Europe because of its ancient architecture, beautiful skies. My top 3: The Netherlands, Germany and Italy, these are great to skate in and beautiful countries. For now I will take it easy on the huge trips, on the other hand I made just go on a motorcycle trip through South America hahah…