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Across the world on skates

Across the world on skates with Yinca Luo, China - Europe.


Earlier this year we  posted  an item where Sven Boekhorst had some words with Yinca. He arrived in Amsterdam where he refreshed his equipment and enjoyed Amsterdam. From there on Yinca followed his journey directed to Rollerblade headquarter in Italy. Yinca crossed Belgium, France and Switzerland. Finally arriving in Giavera del Montello, Italy.


In this video you see Yinca travelling from China to Western Europe on his Rollerblade NJ5 skates, freestyle frames and Hydrogen wheels. He slept in the great outdoors, skated through crowded cities, got help from law enforcement, got held back by law enforcement, skated in the sun and rain; He got it all. From Italy he travelled to the United States and skated the famous Route 66. Stay tuned for footage of that part of the trip. For now enjoy his epic journey from China to Italy.