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Amanda's Pyramid Workout

 Attention All Injured Runners, we have a solution, and YES, it’s just as good as running!

I had been a runner my whole life, in fact, it was my ticket from small-town Northern Ontario to a full Division I scholarship and opened my life to a bigger world. To say I was die-hard about the sport couldn’t be a more accurate statement. For all of you crazy-runners out there (Yes, we all know how hard-core runners can be, not wanting to ever take, gasp; a day off! No, we run through aches, pains, sprains, tornadoes, you name it!) I disliked the idea of cross-training and felt that any other form of exercise was just not nearly equivalent! So, I would run myself right to complete injury, leaving me totally unable to run, or sometimes even walk for that matter. Many of you can probably identify…

Now, I bring you good news! After a particularly major injury, I knew I needed to cross-train for a while before I could start running and I experimented with every other form of non-impact exercise out there. Some of them worked wonders, some not so much, and some were just so boring I couldn’t handle them (nothing like staring at a wall going nowhere for an hour on an elliptical machine!!).

But, what I finally decided to try was inline skating. I had learned to skate as a kid, and upon finding my old inline skates in my basement, I decided to take them out for a ‘spin’ (no pun intended). To my surprise, not only did I thoroughly enjoy the ride, I actually got an incredible workout. I skated around my hilly neighborhood and realized that instead of pain, I actually began to feel better as the motion of skating was opening my hips and strengthening and sculpting all my thigh, glute and hamstring muscles.

After a few days of successful skating, I started getting fancy and doing all kinds of workouts on them, from long rides, to hill repeats and intervals. Within just 2 months, my body had transformed- I kid you not! I was getting compliments and questions about what I was doing to achieve this new ‘toned and sculpted’ physique. And I must say I even purchased a couple hot mini-skirts, to show off my new legs! But, the best news was, that when I approached running again, I was stronger and faster than I ever had been. It was this last part that particularly floored me...for so long I had been under the false impression that nothing could ever compare to my first sports passion. So runners, if you haven’t yet, try your hand at inline skating, even if you’re not injured, it’s a great substitute to running a couple times a week, not only will it give you an incredible workout, you will become a stronger, faster, less injury-prone runner too!

 Here is my Pyramid Workout, a great substitution for a hard run!

Warm Up: 8-10 minutes easy skating


30 second (sec) interval + 30 recovery

45 sec interval + 45 second recovery

60 sec interval + 60 second recovery

75 sec interval + 60 Second recovery

90 sec interval + 60 Second recovery

1min 45 sec Interval + 60 Second recovery

2 min Interval

Cool Down: 5-10 min


Total Time: 23-30 min (depending on how long you warm up and cool down). The actual workout is very short in terms of ‘time’ but if you do it with intensity this is more effective training than any long workout!


Explanation of Workout


Idea: Each Interval the goal is to skate as hard as you can for that period of time, you want to get breathless and crave the recovery.

Each interval is 15 seconds longer than the previous, so you are building endurance while trying to maintain the same fast pace.

Recovery means to skate easy, let your heart rate come down, but it is active recovery, avoid stopping between intervals.


That’s all from me, GO AFTER IT with ALL YOUR HEART.




Amanda Russell, MBA, CPT. 

Health & Fitness Professional

Founder of Amanda Russell Workouts, LLC



Amanda Russell is a top-rated fitness and lifestyle writer, professional keynote speaker, Olympic-trained athlete, celebrity fitness expert, model, spokeswoman, founder of The AR Program, and ONE OF THE INDUSTRY’S LEADING EXPERTS in fitness, wellness and change.  Highlighted as “having the unique ability to truly engage with the audience and make you believe that transformation is possible and within reach - Amanda moves the audience to action”.

Amanda can be found writing about life, fitness, wellness and change on her website: www.amandarussellworkouts.com











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