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Big Burn Inline Workout

Which sport is hottest this summer?


After months of winter, the cold has probably left you in less than stellar shape, as the mundane gym hasn’t done much to motivate and the comfort food has done its job of ‘insulating’ your waistline. But the good news: There is Light! That light is summer and the promise of nicer weather and the option to get outside to move.


I’m partial to outdoor exercise myself,  but after spending years as a competitive runner, I’ve become pretty picky about my workouts, many of you probably identify. I don’t like to waste time, and always want to make sure I’m getting the most ‘bang for my buck’, in terms of energy expenditure and fitness training, which is why I have dedicated so much of my life to figuring out what truly works. I get tons of questions about the best exercise people should do this summer, so I decided to rate some of the most popular outdoor workout choices. 

When it comes to summer, there is nothing like getting your sweat on, taking in the fresh air and absorbing some Vitamin D, however, all exercise is not created equal. So after taking inventory took inventory of  the most ‘done’ workouts, from road biking and swimming to paddle-boarding and tennis, I ranked each workout in order to come up with my winner. 

In rating the workouts, I tried to think of every pro and con but mainly focused on what could get you into the best shape quickest, while also being feasible and accessible. As I’m sure you guess, by my passion towards inline skating, I have found Inline Skating to be my top choice for ‘Most Effective Outdoor Exercise’.  But if you want the full ranking – visit www.amandarussellworkouts.com


Inline Skating – The AR Analysis: The most overlooked and yet the most effective, efficient and enjoyable.  Whether you’re a hard-core runner or just trying to get back into shape and don’t know where to begin, inline skating is the perfect sport by my standards. A 40 minute skate can actually burn more calories than the equivalent run without the impact on the joints and it does wonders to get you into the shape of your life.   In addition, it is something you can do anywhere from the beach boardwalk to country roads and bike paths, all you need is pavement and a pair of skates (which by the way cost significantly less than a bike, gym membership and most other sports). I love that with skating you can get fresh air and choose to do it with a friend, or fellow biker (if your friend doesn’t skate) or you can go all out and do an intense workout reaping the same endorphin-bursting benefits as a good run, while nicely toning your hips, bum, thighs and stomach. 

When it came to cons, I honestly couldn’t find many. There is the fact that you need to find a place with pavement, and if you’ve never tried inline skating, you will have to have some patience to get into it, but it’s much easier than it looks, and the benefits are lifelong, it’s definitely worth a try. 


My “Go-To” Big Burn Inline Workout

(all you need is your skates, 35-40 minutes, and a paved way --a bike path is ideal for this)


5-8 Min Warm-UP

30 seconds ‘ON’ (Hard Effort- try to get breathless)

30 seconds ‘OFF’ (Recovery)

x 30 repeats

5-10 min Cool-Down

Total Time: approx 40 Min


The first few intervals may start out easy but at number 10-15, you should start to fatigue. Halfway through take a 2-3 minute recovery.


IMPORTANT NOTE: If you can’t complete all 30, that’s OK, this is something to work up to over the coarse of the summer. If you’re just beginning, start with 5-10 of them and build from there. Keep a journal and record what you can do, how you felt, etc. You will be surprised at how much keeping a simple training log will make you more focused and committed. 


Write to me! I want to hear how many you completed your first time, which number did you ‘hit the wall’? Where did you take your longer break? I love questions and stories, roll them on over (no pun intended) ;)


If you can master this workout, and by master I mean really ‘work’ the intervals with intensity, and use the recovery, you will be in killer shape in no time!


Cheers to a great summer of skating!









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