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Patrick Francisco skating the Hydrogen wheels

At Rollerblade we are very proud of our Hydrogen wheels. Whatever your preference is in size (80, 84, 90, 100 or 110 mm), we can assure you maximum performance, power and response. The important criteria for a wheel will translate into your skating. But that’s different for every skater. Please take a look at Patrick Francisco who is skating the Rollerbladeâ Hydrogen urethane formula.

Patrick Francisco is a 32year old skater hailing from Paris, France. He started skating more than 20 years ago in the early 90’s. Like a lot of skaters who still skate nowadays, they got into skating because an older brother or acquaintance showed off their skates. As so did it go down for Patrick. He started quad skating, and soon moved on to street and urban skating. But he was, and still is, into most disciplines of skating. Patrick did instructions for a few years, so he knows his way around on skates.




The Rollerblade Hydrogen wheels are Patrick first choice for quite some years now. Performance-wise this urethane mold and shape fits his most important criteria: adhesion and durability. Maximum grip and a wheel that is durable gives him comfort during skating and lets him challenge his capabilities. Because Patrick is mostly focused on urban skating in the city, the reactions and response of the Hydrogen Wheels are a huge advantage. Sudden power stops, change of trajectories and cess slides are a must for Patrick’s daily cruise on skates.



“The perfect wheels for urban skating; I particularly like their grip, comfort and durability!”