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Pushing to the edge

Pushing to the edge: keep going fast with Jorge Botero.

In this video you can see 3 time world champion Jorge Botero speak about his life as a skater after his professional speed skating career. Originally born and raised in Colombia, Jorge earned more than 35 medals in his 10-year career. Jorge loves to skate, he loves going fast and wants to take care of his body. He continues this passion for skating when he moved to Orlando late 2006. He wanted to learn the culture and the environment in Florida. When he arrived there many good things happened: He met his wife there and picked up on skating again.

Take a look how Jorge keeps pushing to the edge, and keeps on going fast in this impressive video made by Greg Mirzoyan



Part 2 Pushing to the edge: keep going fast with Jorge Botero.

In this part Jorge goes back to Colombia and visits his hometown. Jorge explains how he started skating on the square in front of his house and how his brothers influenced him on his achievements. This led to competing in International competitions in the mid 90’s and his first emotional gold medal in 1998 in Pamplona Spain.

Jorge pushes it to edge, in the best way possible and uses this to be an inspiration and motivation to young skaters around the world and in Colombia. A true champion with several gold medals, and an even more impressive road to being a champion.

Film by Greg Mirzoyan