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Rollerblade 10k challenge

At Rollerblade® we like to challenge skaters. Our riders Sofia Carreras and Jeremy Suarez met in Barcelona and did the 10K challenge. The 10K challenge is a “race” from A-to-B where you challenge yourself to finish in the best possible time. Sofia en Jeremy did an excellent performance. At sunrise they went to the beach of Barcelona (Barceloneta) to train for the 10K challenge for the next day. After a proper morning warm-up the duo does some exercises to get in shape for the 10K; push ups, pull-ups, squats, running: everything to prepare the body for next days performance. For better insights and motivation the athletes use a tracker that monitors heartbeat, distance and burned calories. Watch closely in the video as they pop-up.
During the 10K challenge Sofia rides the  Rollerblade® Marcoblade 90W  and Jeremy uses the  Rollerblade® Maxxum 84 , check out the video and let us know what your time is on the 10K challenge.