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Rollerblade® Battle at the 41st Berlin Inline Skate marathon

Berlin will host the 41st Berlin Marathon on September 27th. This race crosses the monumental city, covering all unique landmarks Berlin has to offer. In Addition to the regular speedskating contest, Rollerblade® has created a new and unique contest within this marathon.

4 Inline Skating Icons will battle each other during this marathon. These 4 riders divided in 2 teams consist of extraordinary athletes, all exceeding in different disciplines. Both teams have 1 freestyle skater and 1 speedskater.

Team 1:
Jorge Botero and Greg Mirzoyan.
These 2 heavyweights in inline skating have earned their dues. Jorge is a three-time world champion speedskater and knows how to get enough speed to cross the line in 1st place. Teaming up with freestyle inline skater Greg Mirzoyan, made a name for himself by handling skates like nobody else and became world famous with the viral movie  ‘Bombing down the saltmine’.  This team is hard to defeat, but anything is possible if you have the right opponents…

Team 2:
Ippolito Sanfratello and Sven Boekhorst
Combining Ippolito’s speed ice skating expertise with Sven’s knowledge of using his skates with precision on the street and ramp, will make this a team to keep in mind for the win. Ippolito earned gold at an Olympic ice skating event and also knows his way on inline skates. Sven earned gold in extreme sport events such as the X-Games and Gravity games. Have you seen his latest project   ‘Cittyhopper’?  The golden team you might say….

Place your bets now, which team is going to win this ‘Battle of the Icons’ during the Berlin Marathon. Try to spot these guys between hundreds of skaters on their Inline Skates. One thing’s for sure; a Rollerblade® Icon will take the win.

Text by: Randy Abels