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Skate with confidence: skate and breathe

Inline Skating: Connecting the Body, Breath & Mind

The average person breathes approximately 22,000 times per day, with most of those breaths going completely unnoticed.  However, research has shown that when we pay attention to our breath, also known as breathing consciously, we actually lower our physical, mental and emotional stress levels instantly!  When we breath with awareness, our heart rate and blood pressure are lowered, as well as the production of stress related hormones which can lead to increased calmness and mental clarity.

Skating is more than just a calorie burning workout. It invigorates the heart and body while providing a platform to experience the body and breath connection. The smooth stroke and glide motion of inline skating is rhythmic, making it easy to connect to the gentle rhythm of the breath. And all of this happens while spending time outdoors in the fresh air!

Similar to the positive physiological effects of running, repetitive strides clear the mind, which gives us an opportunity to bring awareness to at least a few of our 22,000+ breaths!  However, unlike running, which can take a toll on the body from the constant pounding on the pavement and from the stress placed on the knees and hips, skating is  gentle on the joints and muscles. The end result? The body, breath and mind connection is more likely attainable and enjoyable.

With more time spent on our skates we will continue to increase our cardiovascular and muscular endurance by skating further and faster without losing the body and breath connection, leaving us both challenged and refreshed after our skating workout.

Skating is truly the perfect workout to connect the body, breath and mind

Wishing you wisdom, peace, and love. Kris Fondran

Coco Sanchez skate on the Macroblade 80 ABT W