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The Netherlands is a beautiful country

The Netherlands is a beautiful country; if you ever visited Holland you have seen it for yourself. Besides cheese, mills, bikes and flowers the Netherlands has perfect bikelanes for nice and smooth ride. In this fine looking video we show you a variety of skaters, colours and skates.


Sofi and Jeremey are cruising through the flatlands on the Maxxum 84 W and  Maxxum 84 skates. The Maxxum skate features 84mm Supreme 85A wheels for great grip and speed. The upper is vented molded and closes with a cuff buckle and your foot stays in place with the 45° buckle. The specialized 5 star fit liner makes this the perfect skate for control, power and balance on the streets.


Youngsters Noah and Roos on the Spitfire  and Spitfire G skates. The Spitfires skates are specially developed for kids who want easy access and skates, which are adjustable to their size. An comfortable skate that features a junior 5start fit liner. Rollerblade 72mm 85A wheels for a smooth roll, SG5 bearings and an upper cuff buckle combined with a 45° strap. What makes this skate truly unique is that Rollerblade offers 4 size ranges in the kids Spitfire collection. With simple press on the toe box the skate can be expanded up to 4 sizes. We also offer a complete package including safety gear.

The skates are available in the following sizes: Size 1 (17.5-20.5) 3 Wheels / Size 2 (21.0-23.0) 4 Wheels / Size 3 (23.0-26.0) 4 Wheels.


Fieke and Timmy on the Macroblade 84 W  and Macroblade 84 skates.

 A potential trail blazer. Very light skate that offers form fit comfort and Macroblade support. A softboot skate that feels like a hand-made fitness skate. Offering Rollerblade 84mm 85A wheels, upper buckle and 45° strap and twinblade aluminium frames. The Macroblade comes in striking colours for his and hers.


Enjoy this colourful video and go enjoy the beauty nature has to offer on your skates!