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Skatingland Switzerland

The Rhein Skate route between Landquart and Kreuzlingen is the most popular skating stretch in Switzerland. The easy topography and consistent separation from motor traffic allow families with children to enjoy carefree skating fun.
The Rhein Skate route have long been legendary. Back when nobody really knew what skates were, the first inliners along the Rhine dam and the Bodensee drew some curious looks.

The picture was increasingly shaped by mothers skating along pushing baby buggies, happy children on eight wheels and keen sporty fathers. This already says it all: the Rhein Skate route between Landquart and Kreuzlingen is very family-friendly. Around 90% of the route is on traffic-free paths. The route is topographically undemanding, set in the lovely pre-Alpine landscape of the Rhine Valley and following the shores of the Bodensee, with a well-developed touristic infrastructure.

The section between Arbon and Kreuzlingen is ideal for beginners, lying between lake and railway with a THURBO railway station every couple of kilometres and a half-hourly timetable.