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Changing your brakes

Summer is all over the city and the inline skate season is officially here. Now is a great time to pull out your inline skates and give them a good once over. If they check out, great, you’re ready to hit the trail again. But if they are in need of a good tune up, you’ve got a few choices ahead of you.

You can take your inline skates into a shop and get professionals to change your wheels, brakes, and bearings. Or, if you’re feeling handy, you can grab an Allen key and tune your inline skates yourself. Today, we’re going to talk about changing out your inline skate brakes. The first step is to find out what type of brakes you have: a 4D brake, a standard brake, or a brake with pin. Depending on whether you have Rollerblades or not, you can take a look online for the brake designed for your skate. Once you have your new brakes in hand, take your Allen key and remove all of the screws that hold your brake in place. Take your new brakes and replace them on each skate, tightening the brake.


That’s all it takes to change your brakes.