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Standard Brake Replacement

Rollerblade® offers three types of standard brakes with the same brake pad attachment.

1. Standard brake
2. Brake with pin
3. 4D Break

When replacing a brake pad the procedure is the same for any type of break. Use a 4mm Allen Key to remove the 4th wheel axle, two brake housing washers and wheel. With a Phillips Head screw driver, remove the brake mounting bolt inside the brake. Pull the brake pad out of the break housing. Let the hardware inside the brake pad fall onto your work surface.

Now install the new brake pad. Slide the nut back into the break housing. Then slide the brake pad into the brake housing. Replace the washer into the brake pad.

Next replace the brake mounting bolt into the brake pad and tighten. Be sure the nut inside the brake housing is lined up with the bolt.

Replace the rear wheel back into the frame. Then insert the 2 washers onto both sides of the brake housing.
Slide the wheel axle through the break housing assembly and tighten.