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Wheels and Axles

To get the highest performance from your Rollerblade® wheels, check the wear of your wheels routinely. If the wheels are worn down or worn unevenly, your wheel grip or stability could be affected, or even dangerous. We strongly recommend that the
wheel position be rotated on a regular basis, and if the wheels are worn out, to fully
replace them with new wheels (replace all wheels at the same time). We also recommend using new axles and screws with each wheel change.

Rollerblade® skates have two different types of axles. One type of axle is a short screw that inserts into a long screw. Another type of axle is specifically designed for high performance aluminum extruded race frames and screws directly into the frame.


Wheel rotation

To Remove Wheels:
- Unscrew with a #4 Allen key (included in box).
- Remove axle.

To Assemble Wheels:
- Reinsert axle
- Re-tighten screw securely.
- Every time you change the axles and screws, we recommend fully replacing them with new ones.