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Skate-to-Ski Cross-training

Rollerblade® and The PSIA are proud to announce the new Skate-to-Ski cross-training series. Get in shape now for skiing this winter using Rollerblade® brand inline skates.


Inline skating is the very best way to cross-train. Inline skating uses many of the same core muscles as skiing and allows you to mimic the speed and carving of skiing without snow.”


Check out the  Skate-to-Ski  play list on our Authentic Rollerblade®  YouTube page featuring world cup downhill skier Brennan Rubie. Brennan has been training on inline skates the past year getting ready for the up coming ski season.



 reviews just how great the Maxxum 90 skate is for ski training:


Check out pro skier Sierra Quitiquit in the new Shape Magazine December 2015. Sierra shares her love for inline skating and other key nutrition advise.




The best skates for Skate-to-Ski cross-training are the Rollerblade®  Macroblade  100, 90, 84 and 80 and  Maxxum 100, 90 and 84 skates. These skates feature supportive cuff structures and high quality wheels offering the best skating experience possible. When choosing your ideal Skate-to-Ski cross-training skates think about your inteneded use. Skates with bigger wheels roll faster but have a longer wheel base. A longer wheel base turns slower but is more stable at high speed. Skates with smaller wheels turn quicker and roll slower but accelerate quickly. The next consideration is choosing a soft construction versus at molded shell skate. A molded shell is going to offer addtional support and durability, feeling more like a ski boot. A shoft shell skate is going to be lighter and less work over long distances.