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Cityhopper World

Rollerblade is proud to present you Cityhopper World. 5 years ago the Cityhopper crew started with an idea that quickly made a huge impact in the skating scene. Here you see the latest instalment: Cityhopper World.


In this video the team visits the world famous cities: Rio de Janeiro, Shanghai, Los Angeles, Cape town and Amsterdam. Our loyal ambassador Sven Boekhorst prepared and trained for months to be on top of his game. The ramp used in Cityhopper NL and Cityhopper Europe travelled all over the globe. Together with partners in crime Axel van Dijk and Remy Cadier they visited Favela’s, suburbs, bars, warehouses and main streets in beautiful cities.


The preparation was a hassle and also very challenging. Travelling by plane to every place took a lot of time, considering they had to pack all their gear to get the money shots. With google maps as their guide, to check skateable spots from their home in the Netherlands, every trip was a surprise. But with the help of good local friends and a good vibe all the above-mentioned cities still feel blessed with a visit from Cityhopper.


Please sit back and enjoy this masterpiece created by: Sven Boekhorst, Axel van Dijk and Remy Cadier.