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Coco Sanchez in Nytewalkers

Rollerblade® team rider, Coco Sanchez, has spent several years working with All Wheel Sports.  Most summers you can find her on the ramps at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio.  She wows the crowds with her co-stars as they seamlessly perform inter-sport stunts.  Inliners with scooters, scooters with BMX riders, etc. all work together to create a show that leaves people feeling a rush of excitement.


This fall, Coco got the opportunity to perform in a theatrical Halloween show produced by All Wheel Sports called Nytewalkers. This show was exciting and different from the typical summer shows in which she normally performs. Themed for Halloween, this 25-minute show consisted of sexy dancer zombies, hardcore trampoline zombies, bad-ass ramp zombies, and, the one and only parkour human boyfriend.



The cast performed four shows a night, and according to Coco it was quite the workout. About halfway through the show Coco’s character changes from human to zombie.  The character change was the ultimate hustle. As she was rushed off the stage, she had to take off her skates, do a full costume change, have full zombie makeup applied, and lastly, put back on her skates to head back on stage as her new character.


Coco said of the performance, “I loved every second of it. I had the monster, Jaren Grob by my side as my zombie brother.”  Coco and Jaren have a long history or working together with All Wheel Sports.  As a matter of fact, this is Coco’s ninth year performing with Jaren.  “To be in character was definitely the most fun I've had skating with him.”



Coco’s amazing talent on skates, her sense of adventure, and her outgoing personality have definitely given her lots of amazing opportunities.  Her work with All Wheel Sports has allowed her a venue to share inline skating with audiences from all over the world. As she said of this most recent endeavor on skates, “I love getting any chance I can get to push further out of my comfort zone. Acting while skating was a success, and I hope there are further productions such as this in the future.”



In closing Coco encourages, “Do what you love. Believe in yourself!”



Coco would like to thank: 

  • Jill Transki and All Wheel Sports for giving me this opportunity that I feel will open new doors.
  • To all of the fans: I feel the love, and I'm so so thankful for you all.
  • Rollerblade for supporting me on all of my journeys.



Click the video below to watch Coco's one minute edit of the raw timeline of Nytewalkers.








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