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High Cuff, Low Cuff or No Cuff?

High Cuff, Low Cuff, No Cuff- What kind of cuff is right for your skating style?


High Cuff- A skate with a high cuff offers support to both new and experienced skaters that need extra support. Skates with high cuffs support the ankle during recreational, freestyle or other types dynamic skating.


Low Cuff- Skates with low cuffs typically come on race and marathon style skates. A low cuff offers more ankle mobility allowing a larger range of motion and edging control. A low cuff requires more ankle strength to control the skates than a high cuff.


No Cuff- Skates without cuffs are designed for experienced speed skaters. A skate without a cuff allows superior ankle mobility.  On a race skate ankle mobility is 100% free for edging control. A skate without a cuff requires strong ankle muscles to control the skates.