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Skater Taig Khris Jumps from the Eiffel Tower

On May 29th in front of thousands of fans, Taïg Khris realized the biggest jump of his life.   At 6:00am, under grey skies and quite a lot of wind, he jumped from the Eiffel Tower.  With a 12.5-m jump in the air and a 30-m jump on the biggest quarter pipe ever built and Rollerblade® skates as parachutes:   Taïg Khris, the multi-French champion broke the world record.  

"When you are in the air, it's unbelievable. Even before the jump, you feel the fear, the adrenaline, but also pure bliss because I was achieving a dream.  And in the air, there is a mixture of pressure and of speed... I felt like I was hallucinating!"
Taïg said after his jump.

Taïg Khris is a big star in France, not only because he won three world titles and captured more than 100 world podiums in skating. He is also a well know celebrity in European ads and television shows.  Thousands of people  from all ages came to the Champ de Mars to encourage him on Saturday.

Mr. Khris prepared physically and mentally  two years for this jump training in bungee jumping, static flight and 10-m jumps in swiming pools. 

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