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Team TRS Wins at Lausanne Contest

1st Romain Godenaire  FR, Rollerblade® Solo Era   
2nd Sven Boekhorst  NL, Rollerblade® Solo Estilo LE

Team TRS Pro team was on fire in Lausanne Switzerland this past weekend September 3-5th.  European legend Sven Boekhorst looked like the favorite to win the contest during the two days of warm up.  Sven was the first to hit the gigantic rainbow rail and basically destroyed every element of the bowl.  Massive Flat spins over the spine and creative lines had the crowd amped!  Romain ended up with the win by muscling his way around the course landing massive transfers from the bowl into the flat bank.  Switch 900's transfers put Romain ahead in the end.  A well deserved win for Romain who is a new Pro skater on the scene. 

Rollerblade® Pro riders David Sizemore, Robert Guerrero, Sven Boekhorst, and Steve Swain are on The Solo Collective Tour which continues on from Lausanne and ends in Amsterdam. 

Tour Dates: September 8th (Deventer) Burnside Skate Shop, September 9th (Amsterdam) Skatezone Skate Shop, September 10th (Rotterdam) RSI shop and Skateland skatepark, September 11th (Eindhoven) Area51 skatepark, (Eindhoven) Mind The Gap Finals.  An edit will be produced of the Solo Collective tour featuring the best street and park skating in HD quality.  Be sure to check for the latest updates and videos.