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Warren Digne street video 2016

Warren Digne street video 2016


French Rollerbladeâ team Rider Warren Digne is part of the team since 2010. With his 30 years of age, he still got what it takes to shred the streets and park. Enjoy the chat we had with this dedicated skater and his new street video.


Warren is 30 years now, so one of the early generations of street skaters. How do you keep fit and without injuries?

I know and understand my body very well. I push myself to do hard trick, but also know when I am unable to push further. My vision for skating is having fun, without getting injured. Mostly because I love skating more than anything, and I need my body to skate as long as possible…with minor injuries; because they are part of the game I play.


Tell us what skating is for you

Skating is everything for me. I am down to skate almost every minute of the day. It is fully part of my life; past, present and future. Friends I know, travels I have made, experiences I have shared. I made me who I am today and makes me happy: my sentimental drug.


Often seen at competitions all over Europe you are also connected to the Nomade shop, what can you say about that?

I manage the Nomade skate team. Besides representing for the shop they are also good friends of mine, we skate together and hang out. Later this year we also release Nomade Pro wheels from our riders Silhan, Pottier and Digne.


Best thing for you after a good session?

After a good skate session I like to chill with the crew. The best are the “ Pay your Sausage” BBQ’s. We talk about the session, have a drink, some good food and dance to some good music. Skating is not just a sport for me it’s a passion, a strong community and a spirit.


Shout outs to the members of team Rollerblade, Anthony and Christian from Rollerblade France, Nomadeshop and Cayler & Sons