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City race: Adrian Deck vs Jomar Stirnimann

What happens when a Rollerblade® street-athlete, puts on his Twister Pro skates and races against his friend who is a speedskater?


In his hometown in Switzerland, Aarau, Adrian Deck knows his way around. That might give him an advantage for this race. But what probably helped him out even more is his skate setup in this video. The Twister Pro is the perfect skate for this urban environment. The boot gives maximum support for jumps and cornering, and the 80mm Hydrogen wheels gives you ultimate grip and speed; as seen in other videos like 80millimetre. Jomar knows how to get maximum speed on concrete, but in this video you can see how Adrian knows how to get everything out of the Twister Pro skate. Take a look now, but be aware because it goes fast, very fast!