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Get ready for Ski Season

Getting ready and staying conditioned for the ski season can sometimes be a challenge for ski enthusiasts. One great method is inline skating on Rollerblade™ products. It improves strength, balance and coordination, resulting in skiers staying in better shape, building core and leg muscles and getting down the mountain safely. One of the most effective regimens includes skating three to four times a week mixing up short distances with at least one or two long skate sessions. Short distance days should include interval-style skating: Two minutes full speed and one minute of rest. On long distance days, skating at a moderate pace throughout the distance will build stamina. Add more intervals and increase long distances as your fitness increases.


Rollerblade™ skates provide a smooth and controlled skating experience with high speed carving abilities. Models such as the new Crossfire 90, Activa 90 and skates from our molded series are ideal to simulate stride techniques similar to skiing. These skate models are specifically designed for the performance-minded athlete looking for a cross-training alternative to train in the off-season. Pro skier Aidan Sheahan experienced the benefits of inline skating for ski training, as featured in September issue of ESPN magazine which he explains "Inline skating is about bending your knees and getting low. It's much more about what your body is doing in the air, and relates directly to skiing." Further proof is the incorporation of Rollerblade™ skates into Windells Ski Camp in Sandy, OR as a key cross-training tool for their athletes.