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#GmDiaries - Episode One

#GmDiaries - Episode one (Canada, USA)

Here we are, this is the first episode of the #GmDiaries, a world tour during this summer 2016 featuring the new MetrobladeGM Rollerblade© skate.
I skated through Montréal, Canada as a start, then met Ariel Surun in Chicago, USA.
We travelled together across the east coast of the USA hitting Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia and finally NYC.

I hope you will have fun watching it as much as we enjoyed making it.

Many thanks to Sven Boekhorst, Laura Mirzoyan, Frédérique Beetz, Dominique Gagnon, Ariel Surun & Augusto Castillo, Kelley Sullivan, Tracy White , Ryan Jacklone , Austin Paz, Jon Ortiz, Laysa Quirino and Kyle Solá.

Greg Mirzoyan.

(Next Episode: Latin America)

Follow the rest of the adventure on our social media:

Rollerblade: @Gorollerblade
Greg Mirzoyan: @GmDiaries


More infos about the Metroblade:


Video credit:
Cameraman Canada: Sven Boekhorst
Cameraman USA: Augusto Castillo