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#GmDiaries - Episode three

#GmDiaries - Episode three (Asia)

This part of the trip was very special to me. Asia is my favorite part of the world and entering it from the East was one of my dreams for years.
Going from Latin America to Asia is a real culture clash and this is what I was looking for the most.
I have met skaters in every city, shared with them my passion for skating and I find it amazing how you can connect with everyone this way.
During this part of the trip, I visited Tokyo, Seoul and Hongkong, enjoy the trip!

Many thanks to: Eiji Kubo, Souichiro Kita, Hideaki Kita, Shigera Mori, Atsushi Sugiura, Natsu Yasuri, Hiraku Kajiyama, Kenji Akiyama, Gwan Yong Park, Jong Wook Bae, Jung Woo Park, Jiha Yi and Yoyo Huang.

Greg Mirzoyan.



(Next Episode: Europe)

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Cameraman & editor: Ben Brillante