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The Rollerblade compilation 2014

Rollerblade proudly presents “The Rollerblade compilation 2014”

2014 was a great year for Rollerblade. As a brand we brought our fans high quality content and innovative products. The Rollerblade athletes travelled the globe and skated the most impressive and beautiful areas. All for the love of the sport and to challenge themselves.

Rollerblade released videos such as:  City Explorer  with Sofi Carreras,  Cityhopper  with Sven Boekhorst, the  Berlin marathon battle  with Jorge Botero and many more. Rollerblade also launched the highly anticipated Hydrogen Wheels that give you more performance, power and response.

In short a great year for Rollerblade. You can see all our video and content on our  Youtube  and  Vimeo  channel. Next stop 2015, where we will roll together and bring you even more high quality Rollerblade products and content.

But for now enjoy this great Rollerblade 2014 compilation made by Greg Mirzoyan.