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Rollerblade HYDROGEN PRO 125MM X-FIRM (6)


066126006R8 | Sizes: 125mm X-Firm | Colors: WHITE/GREEN

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Hydrogen Pro wheels are made in the USA with the highest quality materials, standards and attention to details to be used during all race conditions and leisure skates for consistent, top-end performance on road, track, long distance and sprints. provides the extra speed required for athletic competitions. excellent, consistent performance, superior control in turns, great speed all track/speed competitions They incorporate a multi-layer technology, Mtech®, which is comprised of two layers of urethane to provide the ultimate footprint (for grip), rebound (speed/energy return), roll and wear. This combination with the core makes it the most responsive wheel you can put on your skates. Hydrogen Pro 125mm X-Firm wheels are designed for marathons and open road races by providing optimal performance. Made in the USA with an exclusive dual-pour urethane formula, the outer ring enhances wear while the inner ring improves mechanical grip. X-Firm provide consistent speed, a high level of stability, are great in all race conditions for allround performance and versatility in track and road
• ELITE PERFORMANCE - Hydrogen Pro 125mm wheels provide advanced speed with excellent wear and efficiency. X-FIRM wheels can be skated in all conditions but typically excel in surface/race conditions that are smooth, hard and dry
• EXCLUSIVE DUAL POUR FORMULA with M-TECH® - Inner ring is softer for flex, outer ring is firmer for speed
• 9-SPOKED TURBINE CORE helps keep the straight line speed with vibration absorption and control to be the ultimate marathon wheel
• MAXIMUM GRIP AND WEAR - Proprietary urethane formula and inner ring design deliver additional energy saving rebound with long lasting performance
• MADE IN THE USA - (6) wheels per set, bearings and spacers not included